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I would like to introduce myself.  Welcome, I am Korena!  I am the face, heart & energy of Healthy Inspirations located in Alberta, Canada.  

I am a self taught, along with degrees of schooling, Jane of a lot of trades, Master in some, and achieving in others kind of gal!  I am a traditionalist with new wave ideas.  I believe in love vs war, getting our greens in, smiling & laughing like no one is watching!  Life is too short to waste time on negativity. 

Some say I have some strong leadership skills, I'm thankful for them, hahaha, as growing up I was known as "Bossy".  Who'd thought! :)  I know what I love, and I know what I don't love, especially now since I turned 40.  I am passionate and have a heart of gold.  I love to see the good in others, always trying to give the benefit of the doubt.  

I want to help people to the best of my abilities to help you reach your truest potential!  

I am a Strong, Independent Business Woman that knows self worth is priceless and the most important thing to know; is Yourself ❤️

I have been in the Beauty & Sales industry for over 20+ years!  From Gel Nails, Oxygen Facials, Make Overs, Make Up, Skincare, Anti-aging, a ton of ranges in Photography right up to Assertiveness Coaching & some aspects of Health & Nutrition.

As we all know: Life Happens.  BUT, it's how we React & Respond to it that matters.  Everything that happens to us on the outside shows in one way or another.  As well as what we put in our mouths, and on our skin!  I am a fellow Auto Immune Disease Survivor that prides myself on the strength that I have gained through my perseverance and determination for the past 4-16 years!

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