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Assertiveness Coaching!

**Do you have an overwhelming feeling often?

**Do you feel like you have a "block" or feel "stuck in a rut" but you cannot get past it?

**Do you need to talk to someone but you only need them to listen to you, and help you figure out the next phase, not try to fix things?

**Do you need reassurance in your ideas and plans?

**Do you have an insecurity towards your ideas and thoughts due to "something" that you just cannot figure out?

**Have you gone through a lot in your life that you feel like no one understands you?

I am sorry to hear any or all of the above.  No one should feel that way for long.  Please let me help you get back on your feet and conquer the next chapter in your journey!

With a few options available:
1 hour Session
1 hr per wk x 4 weeks Session 
1 hr per wk x 12 week Package 

We will work together to help get you to the next level in your life, help you with your confidence, your awareness, assertiveness, positiveness, a planned outline to encourage accountability, to strive to meet your goals, and keep you moving forward!

I look forward in helping you reach your fullest potential! 

Thank you for trusting me to help guide you, for you to trust your energy, believing in yourself and knowing that you are worth the happiness & balance you so seek!  We will have an outline, contract, privacy act as well as flexibility with payment. (Deffer-ed Payment is available with the 4 & 12 week packages and credit card is accepted)

Are you interested, but concerned about the time to travel commitment?
I have a lot of options available throughout technology to ensure we are able to complete the weekly sessions, the checklists, the homework tasks and the finale to help ensure your success.   We are able to meet weekly via in person in my office, or through skype or facetime, with emailed sheets and/or booklets.

Thank you so much for considering me to help you reach for the stars!

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