Skincare & Anti-Aging

This is me celebrating my 40th Year!

We were all born with skin, but that is where the similarities end.  

Do you have troubles plaguing your skin?  Is it holding you back from your true potential?  

Do you need to learn some tips to turn back the years on your face?  

Do you know where to start? How many times a day to wash your face?  With what products? When do you apply & what to apply where?

Do you have a teenager that needs help learning the skincare basics?
One on One Consultations: In my Office, In Your Home

Purge your Cupboard:  Don't know what to keep? What to use? When to use it?  Where to donate it to, if you no longer need it?

Turn back time, Get on board, it's never too late to start!!

YES!  That is Randy Fenoli with Me! 
a.k.a. "Say YES To The Dress!" TV Show, more than a few years ago hahaha  

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